Barba Rija – Web TV Series about Portuguese Bears

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“Barba Rija” (“Rough Beard”) is the first Portuguese gay web series about “bears” (burly gay men). Intended as a 13-part project, seven five-minute episodes are completed. Episodes are released weekly on the Barba Rija YouTube page, website and Facebook page.





Written by Emmy-nominated writer André Murraças, “Barba Rija” follows the lives of three friends, António, Pedro and Ursão (Big Bear), who are bears with hearts of gold living in Lisbon. They work, go out at night and find themselves in romantic adventures. Pedro is the romantic. António is rational, but with a secret passion. Ursão is tough on the outside…but a sweetheart inside. Together the three form a fellowship, depicting various types of masculinity, affection, daily strife and expectations, touching on all parts of the human spirit.

Following is a series teaser…

For English subtitles, press “Captions” on the lower right of the screen.
Para subs en Español clique “Captions” sobre la parte inferior derecha de la pantalla.

For more information and to watch episodes, visit the Barba Rija website.

Barba Rija web TV series



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