Spaces Bar – Porto

A small welcoming bar with lots of heart and entertainment. Live drag shows most nights…sometimes with a bit of stripper thrown in. Only open weekends.

Bar Conceiçâo 35 in Porto

Bar Conceição 35 is a cool, fun and quaint space, with vintage industrial décor, transforming moods depending on the time of day and day of the month. In the late afternoon, Conceição 35 is a great neighborhood café serving tapas, sandwiches and pastries, as well as drinks at Happy Hour prices. On Fridays and Saturdays, the...
Labirintho Bar porto

Labirintho Cultural Bar – Porto

Not specifically a gay-bar, Laibrintho is a “cultural” bar attracting all types who enjoy music, art, jazz, acoustic music and more. Various cultural events bring different crowds. Sometimes it’s an art exhibition; other times it’s musical performances.
Pride Coffee Porto gay cafe,

Pride Coffee – Porto

Pride Coffee is a welcoming gay spot for coffee and free-wifi in the afternoon…and drinks and socializing at night. The café serves light meals, such and burgers and sandwiches, throughout the day. Theme parties and activities, from karaoke....
Syndikato drag bar porto

Syndikato Bar – Porto

Grab a drink and watch the show. Syndikato is Porto’s drag bar. Slightly older gay crowd. Open late on weekends. Come in for a cocktail, stay for the show at 2:30. Nanci Petrova and Roberta Kinsky are your hostesses for a fun, ribald, and crazy experience.