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Conga Club – Inspire the Night, 4 November

The once-a-month, totally hot, hip and sexy, traveling Lisbon nightclub Conga Club has set a date for the next party.  It's Saturday, 4 November at Discoteca A Lontra, Lisbon.   It's the first Saturday ...
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Queer Porto 3 – 4-8 October 2017

The third Queer Porto Gay & Lesbian Film Festival is set for 4-8 October 2017. Filmmakers interested in submitting their works may do so by 2 June 2017. For more information, visit the Queer Porto website.

Hot Season by Trumps – Lisbon Summer Party Series

Summer time in Lisbon is HOT SEASON for LGBT parties and events. A weekend-based party calendar of pre-parties, beach blasts, pool splashes and live entertainment, is organized by the amusement masters at Trumps nightclub.

Arraial Pride 2017 – Lisbon Gay Pride Festival, 24 June

Arraial Lisbon Pride, Portugal’s largest gay pride celebration, returns in 2017 on Saturday, 24 June. From 16:00 to 04:00, freedom, diversity and equality are the theme for a large party of music, food and fun. All are welcome. Entrance is free. The festival takes place in Terreiro fo Paço in Lisbon’s Praça do Comercio.

Marcha do Orgulho | Gay Pride March in Porto – 1 July 2017

On Saturday, 1 July, an important parade in the city of Porto will celebrate equality and bring attention the issue of gender violence. It’s the 12th Marcha do Orgulho LGBT (LGBT Pride March), a time to express identities, love life and demonstrate emotions without fear.
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Lisbon Bear Pride 2017 – 31 May to 5 June

Bears of the world unite! It’s Bear Pride time. Big, husky, burly men and those who love them descend on the city of Lisbon 31 May-5 June for a series of parties, gastronomic experiences, cultural activities…and fun! Organized by Tr3s Bar, Lisbon Bear Pride is, no doubt, a highlight of the ...
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Braga March for LGBT Rights – 3 June 2017

The city of Braga’s fifth March for LGBT Rights will be held on Saturday, 3 June. Braga Out of the Closet (Fora do Armário) are promote rights for gays, lesbians, transgender and bisexuals.