Short Films with Big Stories at Syndikato Club in Porto, in July

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For four Fridays in July, Syndikato Club in Porto hosts a small film festival with very big ideas. The Ciclo Pequenos Filmes Estórias Maiores promises quality entertainment and though-provoking discussion. Each film opens with an introduction by a guest speaker, with expertise in LGBT issues. Ciclo Pequenos Filmes Estórias Maiores takes place on 10, 17, 24 and 31 July.



The Ciclo Pequenos Filmes Estórias Maiores is organized by Coletivo Free Faggots. The collective´s mission is to mobilize initiatives to promote debate and reflection on social discrimination. The schedule for the film cycle, along with guest speakers, includes:

Ciclo Pequenos Filmes Estórias Maiores

10 July at 22:00 | Morrer, Dormir, Talvez Sonhar, with Sara Isabel Magalhães

Sara Isabel Magalhães is a licensed doctor of psychology from the University of Minho. She is currently developing a post-doctoral project at the Univeristy of Porto, examining the many dimensions of aging through the lens of feminist studies of the media, the social psychology criticism and the theory of interseccionality. Magalhães is a feminist activist collaborating with various NGO for gender equality and human rights.

17 Jul 22:00 | Amores Invisíveis, with António Fernando Cascais

Luis Antonio Fernando Cascais is a professor at the New Univerity of Lisbon. He edited an interdisciplinary theory book gay, lesbian, queer studies (2004), and has investigated and published in the context of the gay and lesbian studies and queer theory.

24 Jul 22:00 | O Despertar Do Desejo, with Faqto and Ana C Pires

Faqto aims to develop activities, events and projects that are relevant to the LGBT community with a view to creating safe spaces to talk about non-prescriptive subjects and undermine the mind of the people with the absurd ideas.

Ana C Pires, was born in Brazil, but lives in Portugal since 2003, where she is licensed in the Science of Communication. She is a feminist and activist interested in sexuality, gender, non-consensual monogamy and intersectionality.

4ª Sessão – 31 Jul 22:00 | Transitar

For more information, visit the Coletivo Free Faggots Facebook page.

Ciclo Pequenos Filmes Estórias Maiores
Syndikato Club
Rua do Bonjardim, 836

Email: geral@syndikato.pt

Time: 22:00

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