Love exercise, but tired of running the same treadmill? Love organized sports, but afraid you’re not good enough to be pro? No worries! The Lisbon Crows Volleyball is an all-inclusive team, organized by the Boys Just Wanna Have Fun Sports Club. No matter your shape or size, color or political affiliation, age or sexual preference, what’s important, is that you love to play volleyball….and hopefully you play it well!



The team plays other organized volleyball teams, at home and away, in Portugal and across Europe. In addition to the benefits of travel, playing on a team promotes making new friends and creating lasting friendships, the excitement of competition, and being part of a large family both on and off the court.

So, you want to play? You’ve got to try out for the team. Make contact using the email address below. Once you’re in, you’ll train two times a week for at least an hour and a half each session. Optimal physical condition will be a result. Perhaps the single quality the team requires is for you to be a team player, with tactical coordination.

Note: The Lisbon Crows are presently holding try-out/open days for new players on 12, 19 & 26 November. Contact the team by email to register.

For more information the team, visit the Boys Just Wanna Have Fun Sports Club website.

Lisbon Crows Email:

Lisbon Crows volley gay volleyball inclusive

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