Marcha do Orgulho | Gay Pride March in Porto – 1 July 2017

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On Saturday, 1 July, an important parade in the city of Porto will celebrate equality and bring attention the issue of gender violence. It’s the 12th Marcha do Orgulho LGBT (LGBT Pride March), a time to express identities, love life and demonstrate emotions without fear. The March starts at 16:00 from Praça Da Republica.



Teh gay community of Porto remembers the tragedy of Giberta Salace Junior, a transsexual, who in 2006, was tortured, burned, beaten, raped and murdered, as well as a another Porto resident, who in 2014, was beaten by a taxi driver for being lesbian. So, today, the LGBT community fights to access and maintain rights, freedoms and basic guarantees for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual individuals.

Key associatuns participating in Pride March in Porto include:

Actibistas – Coletivo Pela Visibilidade Bissexual ■ Bloco de Esquerda (Left Bloc) ■ GIS – Grupo de Intervenção Solidário ■ Juventude Socialista ■ Panteras Rosa ■ PolyPortugal ■ PortugalGay.pt ■ rede ex aequo ■ Sexlab – Centro de Investigação em Sexualidade Humana ■ SOS Racismo

Join, participate, march on Saturday, July 4 at 16:00, starting at Praça Da Republica in Porto.

For more information, visit the Marcha do Orgulho LGBT no Porto Facebook page.

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