Sadly, Ponot G is now closed.

Ponto G (“G-Spot” in English) is the hottest lesbian bar and nightclub in Lisbon. On the east side of the Baixa district, this large space is open Friday and Saturday nights.



Three friends got together to create Ponto G in August 2012, Although it’s a nightclub for girls, everyone is welcome. “There’s no room for discrimination,” says one of the owners.

Inside you’ll find a dance floor with a bar, and adjacent room with seating for food as well as a pool table and football table.  Smoking is allowed throughout the club.

Fridays nights are always different. Sometimes the DJ plays everyone’s favorite 80’s tunes, but other times dubstep, hip-hop or indie. Saturdays are saved for the crowd favorite pop and commercial music. Check the Facebook page (below) for theme nights and events that range from tequila shooters and carnival, to jello shots and lollipop party.  You’re virtually guaranteed a wild and crazy night.

For more information, visit the Ponto G Facebook page.

Ponto G
Rua da Madalena, nº106

Hours: Friday & Saturday – 24:00 to 06:00

Entrance: €6

Ponto G Lisbon - 1 Ponto G Lisbon - 2

Ponto G Lisbon - 3 Ponto G Lisbon - 4

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