Now guys in Lisbon have a regular place at a regular time for some not-so-regular fun! Queer Lust is a semi-monthly sex party for gay men. Mise-en-Scene, the underground erotic night lounge near Parque Eduardo VII plays host to the gathering. No address is published. Those interested in participating should contact the email below for information and location details. Space is typically limited to 40 guests.



As the Facebook page describes, “the Soiree Noire is a space for all the fantasies, desires and ramblings, where taboos and pre-conceived ideas are destroyed, where fluids, orgasms and music prevail!

For slightly more information, visit the Mise-en-Scéne Facebook page.

Information, reservation and location, contact:

Entrance: €15 (first drink included)

Hours: 23:00 to 05:00


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