Two hot (and insane) guys from Lisbon are on a fast-track to social media stardom. And, what’s not to love? They’re cute. They cook. They enjoy giving hugs. And, they’ll always remind you to smile. They are Lorenzo and Pedro, 25- and 20-years-old, a real life couple and stars of the YouTube series Sexy Funny Kitchen.



Together for three years, Lorenzo and Pedro share everything…. especially, food! The love to talk about food, eat food and cook food. So, it seemed natural that they share their obsession with the world.

Sexy Funny Kitchen started out as a webcast, live from their own kitchen at home. Their audience grew quickly, but fans in far-away places like USA, Brazil and Australia were asleep, or forgot, or had to go shopping, and so they missed the show. Aha! Lorenzo and Pedro decided to hit “record” on the camera, and a YouTube channel was born.

We needed to find out more about these sexy, funny guys….

Are you two married? 

We are not married yet, but we will get married when we reach 100,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, and we will do it live, streaming it online to share love with all the world!

Lorenzo and Pedro Sexy Funny Kitchen

When did your series begin and how often will you produce new videos?

Our series began on the end of March 2015. We will launch new videos every week! For now what we promise is that every Thursday there will be a new Sexy Funny Kitchen episode. And on Mondays, we will launch a different type of video, or a vlog or a funny video or even a Sexy Funny Kitchen in Portuguese. We are trying to decide.

And now the important questions…..

What is your favorite cooking utensils?

Lorenzo: Mine is easy, I love a very good chef knife. It’s mandatory to have one. The one we have was a gift from a fan in USA, he sent us through our Amazon wish list. Thank you Chris 😀

Pedro: I really should use an apron more. That should be my favorite, because somehow I always get dirty and I just can’t be on camera with a dirty shirt (insert flirtatious laugh).

What are your favorite flavors?

Lorenzo: I am a big fan of sea food and fish, I just love a good simple grilled fish, with just a bit of lemon, olive oil and a pinch of salt. It’s easy and unique. I call it foodgasm every time I eat it.

Pedro: I can’t live without garlic in my life. I eat it raw but also cooked, and I like it everywhere. It’s good for me to like something so healthy as garlic. But I’m also a big fan of chilli! I just love a good spicy touch on every plate.

Click above to watch Lorenzo and Pedro cook a three course meal.

Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party for eight people…and what would you serve them?

For eight people, including us, we would pick three each. Pedro three great women, and Lorenzo three great men.

Pedro: My number one, my Beyonce. I am a big fan. Then, I would absolutely love to have Ellen and her wife, Portia.

Lorenzo: I would need to invite chefs Jamie Oliver and Anthony Bourdain, and PewdiePie from YouTube.

Lorenzo and Pedro Lorenzo and Pedro with, Anthony Bourdain, Beyoncé, Jaime Oliver, Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres, and Pewdie Pie.

We would serve them obviously the best of our country, in our opinion. As a starter, ameijoas à bulhão pato is a Portuguese appetizer, made with clams sautéed in white wine sauce with a lot of garlic. For the ones that are not fans of this type of food we will also have some percebes, which are just good barnacles made by boiling them in seawater.

As the main dishes we would do a perfect sea food rice (just like the way we made in our Sexy Funny Kitchen, episode 7). We hope all of them like it!

For the desert, sericaia, which is a Portuguese dessert from Alentejo that comes from the old convents kitchen. Its texture and cinnamon flavor would make it a great end to this awesome meal!

Delicious! (We’re going to crash that dinner party!)  Find more recipes, and see more sexiness and silliness from Lorenzo and Pedro at:




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