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Trombeta Bath – Bairro Alto, Lisbon

Located in the Bairro Alto, near the gay scene, Trombeta Bath is popular with Portuguese men and international travelers alike. The facility is extra clean and modern. The large space includes a steam room, sauna, cinema, and locker room.
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Drako – Private Sex Club & Shop in Lisbon

Drako is the new private sex club and shop in Lisbon. Regular weekday themes are scheduled such as Wild Sundays and Underwear Party Mondays. Fetish parties are programmed throughout the month, such as the Roman Orgy every fourth Saturday.
SaunApolo 56 mixed sauna spa lisbon lisboa

SaunApolo 56, Mixed Sauna – Lisbon

The clean, modern facility and cool mood lighting make this sauna a truly relaxing and invigorating experience. The full complement of amenities includes: unisex spa, Turkish bath, cinema stadium, treatment rooms and private cabins.
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Paradise Club Mixed Sauna – Montijo, Setubal

They like to have fun south of the River Tejo too! The Sauna Paradise Club caters to guys, girls, and guys and girls. Everyone is welcome, no matter your gender or sexual preference. The cozy club has every amenity you expect,
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Sertório Sauna – Príncipe Real, Lisbon

A small place, near the Jardim (Garden) of Príncipe Real, but filled with all the amenities needed for relaxation and…. stimulation. It’s got a bar, steam room, Jacuzzi, dry sauna, showers, private cabins, dark room and leather area.
Stair Sauna Bath coimbra

Prime Bath – Coimbra

There are very few purely gay places to meet and socialize in Coimbra. Prime Bath (formerly Stair Sauna Bath) is one of them. Large space with sauna, Turkish bath, showers and locker room. Socially, there’s a TV room with lounges, a private...