wrong weather store porto

Wrong Weather – Cutting-Edge Men’s Fashion in Porto

Located on Av. da Boavista not far from Casa da Musica, Wrong Weather is more than just a clothing store. It is a design shop that blends the best of latest fashion with cutting edge products, in a space that feels like you stepped into an architecture magazine.
much underwear

Much Underwear – Sexy Style Made-in-Portugal

Men’s underwear just got much sexier. Much is the new brand of 100% made-in-Portugal stylish, cool and super-hot men’s underwear. Geologist Hugo Pires and computer programmer Bruno Malveiro (OK, and admitted underwear addicts) developed the concept and designed the first products. With bold color blocking, eye-popping...
Nuno Gama– Summer 2015 | ModaLisboa

Nuno Gama Swimwear – Summer 2015

Nuno Gama is known for designing menswear that truly accentuates the masculine Portuguese physique. For his Spring/Summer collection at ModaLisboa Legacy, he did it again. This season, he took a stroll down Memory Lane to his childhood adventures in Arrábida National Park.