Virados do Avesso (can be translated as Turned Inside Out) is “a hilarious comedy able to surprise those who think you’ve seen everything.” So says director Edgar Pêra, who also insists the film “will have homophobes laughing.” The Portuguese-produced film (in Portuguese language), starring internationally-recognized actor Diogo Morgado, opens in cinemas across Portugal on 27 November.

Virados do Avesso is the story of João (Diogo Morgado), a celebrated writer going through a huge crisis of creativity. At the same time, his love life is experiencing moments of doubt. In fact one day he wakes, not recognizing his lover in bed, Carlos (Jorge Corrula). João decides to move away and free himself of commitments becoming a single party guy. Right on his heels and ready to take up the slack is Isabel (Diana Monteiro), João’s rival writer.

Starring: Diogo Morgado ■ Jorge Corrula ■ Marina Albuquerque ■ Diana Monteiro ■ Nuno Melo ■ Isabel Medina ■ Álvaro Faria ■ Melânia Gomes ■ Rui Unas ■ José Wallenstein ■ Rui Melo ■ Miguel Borges ■ Marco Paiva ■ Philipe Leroux ■ Miguel Partidário ■ Nicolau Breyner

Directed by: Edgar Pêra.  Written by: Frederico Pombares & Roberto Pereira

Virados do Avesso film

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