Zebra Katz at the Musicbox, Lisbon, 26 November

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Born from the LGBT African American Ball culture, queer hip-hop artist Zebra Katz has generated quite a following from music critics, dance fanatics, hip-hopsters, fashionistas and the gay community. Katz is best known for his single “Ima Read”, which was played on a loop at designer Rick Owens’ fashion show during Paris Fashion Week 2014, and quickly became the event’s official anthem. Katz plays live in Lisbon at the Musicbox on 26 November.

Zebra Katz is the alter-ego of New Yorker Ojay Morgan. The “dark rapper, the dark villain, the dark lord of the fashion world,” as he describes his stage personality, was created while studying at Eugene Lang College in NYC. The character grew out of a performance art piece called “Moor Contradictions.” The acclaim from that work prompted Morgan to work on songs and videos in his spare time while working as a manager for a catering company. He began to pursue music more actively as word of his works generated more attention following the Owns show.

1 Bad B*tch (Official Music Video) – Ten Ven & Ripley x Zebra Katz

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Zebra Katz
Rua Nova do Carvalho, 24
Cais do Sodré

Phone: +351 213 473 188

Time: 22:30 on 26 November 2014



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